GEA MegaSlicer – Fatiadora de Alta Performance


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When it comes to high productivity and covering a very wide range of applications, the GEA MegaSlicer offers one of the most efficient combinations on the market. The choice between circular or involute blade technology allows the machine to be used for a wide variety of applications and capacities. Many auxiliary modules and functions make the machine a specialist for optimized portion quality and economic efficiency in every product segment.

Automatic product loading from the rear is fast, reliable and protects the product. Thanks to short loading times and high output, the GEA MegaSlicer is predestined for an integration into fully automated lines, e.g. in combination with a GEA ShingleLoader and a GEA PowerPakRT.


• Circular / involute blade technology
• Flexible machine for a very wide range of applications
• Optimized portion quality
• Attractive product presentation

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