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Maximizing value, minimizing costs

Whether you need a single machine to boost existing line performance or a complete solution for a new factory, GEA is the right partner. Built for eff ective processing of meat, poultry, fish and other food products, our equipment ensures that you maintain quality and satisfy your customers.

Applications experience

We have broad experience in applications ranging from cooked emulsifi ed sausages and fermented sausages to ground meat and formed products, such as hamburgers and chicken nuggets.

Taking you forward

Your business needs are our starting points – from consistency, hygiene and safety to sustainability, variety and cost of ownership. Our machines deliver high yield, are easy to operate and clean, and have a long operational life.

You also have access to training, maintenance programs, equipment and software upgrades, performance benchmarking, expert diagnostics, applications support, and line- or factory integration. When economic uncertainty, global competition and growing legislation eat into your margins, you need to maximize the value of your raw materials. GEA grinding, mixing, cutting,
emulsifying, meat recovery and other preparation equipment will help you optimize your product quality, increase operational effi ciency and manage the price per kilogram.

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