Slicing Performance – CFS ShingleLoader


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Your performance goals are our command As far as cutting ham, sausage, bacon and cheese products is concerned, CFS is an expert you can count on. For over 40 years now we have been a major player in the industry based on our solutions and the continuous goal of increasing your performance. Maximum product utilisation, optimum output, product safety by virtue of the hygienic machine design, durability, flexibility and future-proofness are the success factors that CFS offers its customers with the latest technology. By consistently developing innovations, CFS continuously pushes back the limits of feasibility.

Precise loading and high output

When it comes to cutting and packaging at a high output, the ShingleLoader is an efficient system component that feeds the portions fully automatically from the slicer to the thermoformer. The ShingleLoader500 is economically attractive for automation involving flexible cutting lines in the lower capacity range while the ShingleLoader700 often makes operation of highperformance lines possible in the first place thanks to its uncompromising loading capacity. The reproducible loading precision is a common feature of all members of the ShingleLoader family. This means a wide variety of sliced portions can be fed to the thermoformer via the ShingleLoader. In addition to the loading operation itself, the ShingleLoader ensures continuous production on the part of the packaging machine, in most cases during the entire loading time at the slicer, by means of the integrated buffer conveyors. The consistent hygienic design and simple, quickly detachable belts enable a high degree of product safety through effective and economical wet cleaning.

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